Welcome to Alterna Cremation Steinbach

Losing a loved one is never an easy experience. In the midst of your overwhelming grief, you will still have to make decisions regarding their care. Selecting the right type of funeral arrangements, cremation service, or memorial makes losing your loved one even more difficult. At Alterna Cremation, we aim to make your experience as easy as possible. 

Ashley Newton, our licensed funeral director, is committed to reshaping how you experience funeral services in Winnipeg. She believes in giving you all of the available options with simple and honest pricing. Unlike many other funeral homes, Alterna Cremation does not believe in charging hidden fees that can transform a funeral into a financial burden. You will be given straightforward pricing that helps you to make the best decisions for your loved one’s care.   

Cremation Services

Alterna Cremation offers direct cremation services at a reasonable rate. Cremation services are a dignified and cost-effective way to memorialize your loved one in comparison to an expensive traditional funeral service. There are a number of very personal reasons why you might consider cremation for your loved one. Sometimes it is due to religious reasons, environmental concerns, or simply cultural norms. 

Our package includes everything you need except for an urn. You can choose to purchase your own, browse our selection of urns, or select a basic and dignified container at no additional charge. 

Scattering Services

We also offer scattering services for those who wish to release the ashes of their loved ones with the aid of a professional. Our funeral director releases ashes once each year at three separate locations. Each Provincially-owned spot is beautiful, away from drinking water, swimming areas, and roads. Photos are taken and you are provided with a certificate of scattering as a keepsake for this important milestone. 

Grief Resources

Perhaps one of the most important things we offer at Alterna Cremation is grief support. We can help provide you with resources that help you come to terms with the loss of your loved one. These articles may help you to understand the depth of grief that you feel or assist you in empathizing with someone else who may be grieving. 

Online Memorials

Alterna Cremation has also created moving interactive online tributes that allow more people to express their condolences for a loss. You can easily leave a note, share a memory, post a photo, or light a candle on behalf of your lost loved one. Ordering flowers from local florists is possible with just a few clicks. This touching tribute makes it easy to honor the person who has passed and to send your condolences, even from a distance. 

Trust Us with Your Loved One’s Care

At Alterna Cremation, we understand just how important it is to lay your loved one to rest with dignity. Allow us the opportunity to take care of your family in this difficult time. Our experienced funeral director can guide you through the entire process. We promise to treat your family member as if they were our own.