Send Flowers

Sending flowers can be a deeply moving expression of sympathy during a difficult time. We offer a resource through which you can send flowers to a service. We use local florists who have impressed us with their commitment to offering diverse, high-quality floral arrangements. We will connect with these florists so you don’t have to; they are professional and prompt, and we’re confident in their ability to deliver. Using this resource is simple:

  • You don’t need to know our funeral home address or the date of the service - simply enter the name of your loved one below, and our system handles the rest.
  • Once you’ve found your loved one, simply pick the arrangement you want, write a message, and pay online. The order is immediately sent to our local florist.
  • We keep all the records of your order, so you know the flowers are on their way.
  • You can also access this resource by clicking on “Send Flowers” on the right hand side of your loved one’s tribute page.

Why Flowers?

Flowers are sent to a service for a wide variety of reasons; every person is different. The most important reason to send flowers is because you feel it’s meaningful; you might send them when you think it would be emotionally resonant to send them, and that those at the service would be moved by flowers. There’s a long history of metaphor with flowers that might be culturally relevant to you and your loved one; when this is the case, sending flowers may be appropriate. To this end, there are many different types of arrangement available; you might look for something that has a special meaning to you or your loved one. There are certainly cases where flowers may not be as appropriate; there may, for example, have been a request to not send flowers, or to donate in lieu of flowers. Keeping the sentiments of the bereaved in mind is appropriate, though sometimes there is no right or wrong answer; everyone’s emotions are different, and this holds true through the grieving process.

Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Flowers

The resource we offer allows you to send funeral flowers; this means the arrangement you choose will be at the service. Sympathy flowers are sent to the home of the bereaved. The main difference between the two is the size of the arrangement; sympathy flowers are generally in smaller bouquets, while funeral flowers are in larger arrangements that would not be practical to keep in an individual’s home. You can opt to send sympathy and funeral flowers, send only one type of arrangement, or send neither; this is a personal decision that depends on your sentiments, culture and norms. There are times when it may be inappropriate to send sympathy flowers while appropriate to send funeral flowers; some families may prefer to receive food items or other gifts of sympathy, depending on their religious and cultural background.

What Kind of Flowers Should I Send?

There are a wide variety of different flowers and arrangements available, so what to choose is a personal decision. You can find the meanings of the different types of flowers available; while many flowers can be appropriate, lilies, chrysanthemums and gladioli are often good choices. Colours might include white for purity, purple for humility and respect, and yellow in remembrance of a happy life. While funerals are somber occasions, they can be celebration of your loved one’s life, so bright colours like yellows and pinks can be appropriate. Some people like to send flowers depending on the gender of their loved one; blue and white can be appropriate for men while pink and white may be suitable for women.

There are different arrangement available, from wreaths to sprays; each arrangement adds a different visual aesthetic, and all are appropriate to funerals. There are arrangements in the form of religious symbols, or which incorporate religious symbols, which is appropriate for those of faith. You can also find arrangements which surround a picture of your loved one, which can be a touching gesture.

Our resource allows you to purchase funeral flowers Winnipeg florists have created, and they have met our high standard of quality every time. The choice of whether or not to send flowers, what kind of flowers to send and what arrangement you want are ultimately yours; even when a family asked for a donation in lieu of flowers, you can opt to do both. When you’ve made your decision, put the rest in our hands.