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When cremation is chosen as the final disposition during a funeral arrangement, it may be important to you to select a container for your loved one’s remains. Our Direct Cremation package includes a basic, dignified container for your loved ones cremated remains, but you might instead elect to purchase an urn. We have a wide variety of urns Winnipeg and non-Winnipeg residents can choose from that are both affordable and high quality. You can also choose to purchase an urn from another supplier; whatever best fits for the remembrance of your loved one. 

Choosing an Urn

There are many different factors that play into the type of urn you might select; these factors are both practical and sentimental. Here are some questions you can ask when deciding on the type of urn:

1. Where will the urn be kept? Should the urn be destined for a niche or burial plot, you can speak with the cemetery about the exact dimensions of the location the urn will be placed; you can the select an urn that fits those dimensions. Should you plan on keeping the urn yourself, keep in mind that there is paperwork that must be filled if you intend on flying with your loved one’s remains to any location. You may want several people to keep your loved one’s remains; in this case, you can purchase several smaller urns. The Winnipeg funeral home director can help you ascertain the size of the urns you might need. Those planning on scattering remains can select urns specifically designed for scattering. Those who intent to keep the remains for a long time should not purchase biodegradable urns, which should be used in appropriate green ceremonies or for natural burial where permitted. 

2. How do you want the urn to look? Urns are almost endlessly customizable, and can act as an enduring tribute to your loved ones. There are urns made out of a wide variety of materials, in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours. There are themed urns to reflect the passions of your loved ones; they can be related to a variety of activities, cultures and religions. Permanent urns are generally made of glass, bronze, marble, hardwood, or other long lasting materials, while biodegradable urns are made of paper, salt, or other materials that can be absorbed by nature. There are also urns customized to travel with or scatter ashes; take time to look at the variety of urns, and don’t feel rushed in selecting one. Alterna is also excited to be working with several local makers to provide some truly unique and beautiful urns.

3. What is your budget? The wide array of styles and materials for urns means there’s something for everyone at any budget. It can be a bit frustrating to think of a budget during this time, but creating one will help you find the right option; not just for urns, but for the whole service. Don’t be afraid to speak with your funeral director or a trusted party to help you figure out what’s right to spend.

There are many points at which you can get an urn for your loved one’s remains. Our Direct Cremation package does come with basic dignified packaging for your loved one’s ashes. You can opt to receive the basic container and transfer the remains from that container to an urn. Should you prefer to purchase an urn through us, we will place your loved one’s remains directly into that urn. You can also elect to purchase an urn through another party; bring us that urn, and we will place your loved one’s remains in it. Don’t hesitate to talk to us if you’re having difficulty selecting an urn; we can help you go over the various options and find something that’s well suited to the remembrance of your loved one. We will consider all of the questions you have, the practical and the sentimental, and working together, we’ll find the right urn. 

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