Direct Cremation Brandon

$1645 + GST

Families in Brandon deserve affordable, dignified, and professional funeral services for their loved ones. Our simple cremation service aims to meet that need. 

Our direct cremation package includes everything except for an urn. You can purchase an urn from us or from someone else. An urn isn’t necessary—this package includes a basic, dignified container at no extra charge.

We’re located just outside of Winnipeg—but there’s no need for our clients in Brandon to come to our location. We can handle everything virtually, or you can come to our funeral home to meet us in person. 

The service includes all of the following:

Transfer of the deceased from a hospital (Brandon Regional Health Centre), personal care home, or residence to the crematorium


Delivery of the cremated remains (through Canada Post)

Registration of deaths

Statements of Death signed by the Funeral Director

Obituary writing assistance

Why Cremation

There are several reasons why families choose cremation. 

For some, it’s a matter of spiritual or cultural belief. Cremation may also be the preference of the deceased. Your loved one may want their ashes to be spread at a particular location or be kept with friends and family. Cremations are the most common end-of-life cultural practice in Canada—around 75% of Canadians choose cremation over burial. 

The process is also more environmentally friendly than a traditional burial—many eco-conscious Canadians choose to be cremated.

Cremation services are also much more affordable than burial services. The costs are quite low, comparatively—cremation urns cost less than caskets, and there’s no need to purchase and dig a plot in a cemetery (though many urns are placed in columbariums within a cemetery).

Finally, cremation gives you something incredibly valuable—time. The time to gather friends and family, plan a ceremony and honour your loved one in the way they deserve. Traditional burials happen on a timeline that can feel rushed and high-pressure; with our service, the ceremony can happen when the time is right for you. 

Why Alterna Cremation

Our mission is to provide dignified, low-cost cremation services to the people of Brandon. 

We know that finding the right end-of-life service can be confusing. The business can seem harsh. Funeral homes may have fluctuating pricing and agents trying to upsell you—it’s a flurry of activity at a time that can already be unreasonably stressful.

What we offer to our clients in Brandon is simplicity. 

Whether you visit us on location or virtually, you’ll be treated with respect. We’ll discuss your needs, person to person, and review the situation to ensure that our package makes sense for you and your loved one.

We’re professional—and we’re human. We’re here to talk and to help you. We can assist you in procuring death certificates. 

For compassionate, low-cost, and simple cremation service, get in touch with us today.