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Ashley Newton, Alterna CremationAshley Newton

Licenced Funeral Director & Embalmer

Meet Ashley Newton, a licenced funeral director and embalmer and proud owner of Alterna Cremation. Ashley Bestland was raised in the Fort Garry neighbourhood of Winnipeg, where she attended St. Maurice School. At the age of 12, she moved with her mother to Lancashire, England. Upon her return to Canada, she graduated from Sanford Collegiate and was a member of the Canadian Forces Army Reserve. She met her future husband, Shaun, in 2004 and were married in 2008. They currently reside in St. Andrews with two gregarious pomeranians. Ashley enjoys keeping a large vegetable garden and tending to her flock of chickens, and is hoping to add bee hives to her menagerie in the near future. 

For many years Ashley worked alongside her husband, doing the administration for his construction company. From a young age, Ashley always had a desire to work in some capacity where she could help people. She fulfilled this through answering to call to funeral service. A sometimes difficult and closely-knit industry to get into, she got her foot in the door by first working at a large Funeral Home & Cemetery, on the cemetery property side of things. She was soon able to secure a sponsorship as an apprentice Funeral Director and Embalmer, and enrolled in the Canadian College of Funeral Service. After two years of studies, along with 1800 practical hours, she became a Licenced Funeral Director & Embalmer.

Ashley continued to work with funeral services in Winnipeg but noticed that more and more families were wanting simple, direct cremations. Many people were wanting to take back some control in the way that they honour their loved one. That is why she started Alterna Cremation. To provide a simple, alternative to the traditional funeral home.