Gwendoline Fontaine

Obituary of Gwendoline Roberta Fontaine

Gwinky (a.k.a.) Gwendoline Roberta Fontaine made a request. “Please have fun when I am gone” and “Don’t be boring and don’t be too serious”. Gwen left us on March 31, 2020. One day short of April Fools Day, maybe that was part of her plan to keep us all guessing. However, when Gwen did peacefully depart that day, her husband Trent, lying beside her, suddenly sat up saying, “I just know she is going to wake up, hit me in the head and say smarten up Trent”. He finished with a laugh. Now that was certainly Gwen. Gwinky could change a simple day, a simple birthday, or a simple Christmas into something memorable. Who does not remember her ability to bring life to a carton of eggs, a bag of New Brunswick spuds and a jar of Miracle Whip all mixed together into her famous Potato Salad - simply, magical! Perhaps that same magic was the reason for her love of Unicorns. So many unicorns. Her private, quiet spot understood by only a few. Gwen’s top three in life (and there were many others) were Family, Friends, Boating, and Trent. In no particular order. Depending on the day Trent might be first OR second, but always on the list. How she loved that man, with everything she ever was. So much that she was continuously comparing him to her favorite movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”, she would often say, “Trent is my Bernie, I can put him in a pose and that’s how he stays – like forever…unless he wants peanut butter.” Boating was of course her summer boyfriend. A flirtatious and whimsically romantic love that she had forever adopted. She of course shared those summers with Family, Friends, Trent and her reliable Dock Companion – Paralyzer. And as a finale, that leaves family, again in no order. And what a family, enough members for a hockey team franchise. Gwen did love the Winnipeg Jets and Gwen did love her family. She would constantly talk about her grandchildren and occasionally could be heard saying “all hell is breaking lose today, the rug rats are all coming for a visit” and then she would smile. Her son Richard always made her laugh but also drove her nuts and she would more often then not say “just smack him”. She loved all her children but he was undeniably the favorite and she always looked forward to his calls! Gwinky’s Hockey Team as follows: Predeceased by her parents Goldie Melang (Way) Wolfe and David Wolfe; survived by her loving husband Trent; dear sister Jean (David); five children, son Richard (Lana), Tania (Rob), TJ (Sam), Chandra (Aileen) and Sandy. Eighteen grandchildren: Ayla, Jess, Seth, Jordy, Kayla, Brady, Zane, Rocco, Kiki, Maxx, David, Anna, Alexis, Hailey, Brenden, Tess, Cassidy and Saige! Special mention to her #2 son Richard Venasse (Kim); nieces who were more like daughters, Janice and Steph; Mama #2 Darlene Brooks; and her special mother in law, Jessie Hampton. As well as numerous extended family and friends, too many to list but were all equally as important and loved! THERE WILL BE A “Gwinky’s D’Stresser” Celebration of Life the summer of 2020 due to Covid 19.
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