Mortle Shumila

Obituary of Mortle Ralph William Shumila

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the sudden passing, on November 15, 2023, of Mort Shumila, the first son of Ann and Bill Shumila.

He leaves behind his wife of 15 years June.  He will be missed by his sons Richard and Kenneth (their mother Gaeline Delmarque); grandchildren Mary, Max, Nathan and Matthew; brothers Elmer and Leslie; and sister Valerie Fey.  There are many cousins and friends that will miss him also as they were all very close.


Mort, born in 1940 or 1941 (depending on which documents you read), spent his formative years on the family farm in Brokenhead, where his heart always remained. His close friendship with Ernie Mariash, cultivated during school days with neighboring classmates, often led to mischievous adventures, including replacing family cars and water troughs.

Early in life, Mort and Ernie embraced entrepreneurship, financing their first cars with profits from their stills. Mort's stint as a moonshiner and mechanic for his uncle in Beausejour was marked by a questionable punctuality record for school arrivals.

In the early '60s, Mort, along with Ernie, worked at the Gypsumville dam. Their weekend escapades to Winnipeg were legendary, leaving a three-mile gap between their cars to let the dust settle. Accustomed to gravel roads, they navigated skillfully to avoid RCMP encounters after country socials.

In 1964, he joined Mid West Drilling and tied the knot, soon welcoming Rick and Ken into the family. Racing took a backseat, especially with the kids in tow. His knack for mechanics became well-known. In the '70s, he joined the St. Paul Racers for the Winnipeg to Minneapolis snowmobile race, where thrilling stories unfolded. One memorable tale involved a racer checking out of the hospital against doctors' protests, just to continue the race the next day. He stayed with Mid West until his retirement in 1999.


In 1984, Mort purchased an RV, initiating yearly coastal trips with his sons as co-pilots. Family visits, including those to cousins Arthur and Brenda Krempatsky, became cherished traditions.

In 2008, Mort and June married, entering a retirement phase on the farm. June's gardening endeavors and house updates filled their days. Health concerns prompted a move to Beausejour, where Dolly the cat and Rosie the lab doodle became beloved companions.

Mort's passing leaves a void felt by many, who fondly recall his adventurous youth, doubting he'd make it through his twenties given his daring driving escapades. His legacy lives on through the mechanical skills and love for fast driving he passed down to his sons and grandsons.

Farewell, Mort. May your travels be joyful, and your driving forever safe. With love.

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