The Latest Funeral Trends In 2020

By: Alterna Cremation
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Losing a loved one is never easy, but during a pandemic, certain challenges arise that make it more complicated. No one could have predicted the trends that have arisen in 2020; to say that this year’s events were unexpected would be an understatement. Like all industries, funeral services have seen recent changes that are shaping the way we commemorate those who pass on. Here are the types of products and services trending this year for funerals:


Pre-planning funeral arrangements. Mortality has been on our minds more than ever with the global outbreak of COVID-19. Talking about death with our families is difficult; though we know it is inevitable, it’s upsetting to face our mortality, especially with our loved ones. But without pre-planning, our families are left to make these choices for us, not knowing if it’s what we would have wanted. We tend to make irrational decisions when our emotions are high, which can result in a funeral that costs more than the family can afford. Pre-planning prevents this scenario from occurring; when your time comes, your loved ones will know that you are being honoured in the way that you wanted. You can even pay for services and products ahead of time to relieve any financial burden on your family.


Streaming services. When a loved one passes away, their families want to come together in support of those who have lost someone. The travel restrictions, gathering limits, and physical distancing measures put in place due to COVID-19 make this difficult. These circumstances can make the already-stressful event of death even more unfortunate since family members cannot offer the support that loved ones need. As a result, people are streaming funeral services to their families so that everyone can be included. It gives closure and support to those who have lost someone dear. Online video calls let grieving families safely offer condolences to their loved ones in their time of need. 


Environmentally-friendly services. As time goes on, people are becoming more mindful of their impact on the environment. Traditional burial services come at the cost of pollution: the embalming process releases toxic chemicals, the casket consumes a lot of materials, and the burial plot takes up space on the land. Families are starting to consider eco-friendly alternatives in place of burials. One option is a growth urn, in which the ashes are placed in a container that supports a tree or bush. Burials are becoming less popular due to their negative environmental impact.


Cremation. As time goes on, graveyards run out of space; to secure a plot in one, families must often pay a hefty fee. Cremation in Winnipeg is an affordable and dignified way to honour our loved ones after their passing. It’s becoming more mainstream as families recognize the value that cremation has to offer. Rather than needing to visit a burial site, loved ones can keep ashes of the deceased in an urn. They may also choose to spread the ashes at a place that was important to the deceased. A basic cremation is available at Alterna Cremation. We have a wide selection of urns, from classic models to beautiful and artistic pieces. Contact us today to learn more about what a direct cremation package can offer you. 


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