Timing: What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Hold A Funeral?

By: Alterna Cremation
Wednesday, June 1, 2022

As you’re grieving for a lost loved one, a new task falls on your plate: Planning a funeral. Holding a funeral service allows loved ones to gather, support each other, and collectively mourn the loss. But which day should you choose?

If your loved one was cremated, you can wait as long as you need to plan the funeral. But if not, you may only have a few days to plan it. How do you know which day will work best for everyone attending?

You may have no experience with funeral planning, which makes this task even more challenging to navigate. We’re going to cover all the unique things to consider when choosing a date for a funeral:



Saturdays and Sundays may seem like the ideal days for a funeral service. On the weekend, your guests probably won’t need to take time off work to attend. But there are two things to consider before planning a funeral on a weekend. The first is that people tend to have more plans on weekends, which may cause scheduling conflicts. 

The other consideration is that on a Sunday, religious attendees may be at a church service; this explains why religious funerals are rarely held on Sundays


Mondays and Fridays

In some situations, a weekend funeral may not work for a majority of your guests. Those who are travelling from out of town may not make it in time for a Saturday or Sunday. 

If your attendees can book a day off work to attend a funeral, try to plan it on a day that’s closer to the weekend. Your loved ones will have a long weekend following the service, which gives them more time to spend with family. 



If possible, try not to schedule a funeral on a holiday; this may lower attendance rates. Try to be mindful of any birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays that fall on the same date.


How Much Time Has Elapsed? 

Do some people need to travel to attend the funeral? If so, be sure to factor travel time into the date you select. Keep in mind that certain family members and friends may need to give their employer more notice for a funeral (possibly one week or two).


Morning, Afternoon, or Evening?

Consider whether your guests need to take time off work to attend the funeral. If so, it may be easier for them to leave work halfway through the day rather than in the morning. 

Depending on the location of the funeral, the venue may close in the early evening. This might limit the time your loved ones can spend together after the event. 


There is no such thing as a perfect date for a funeral; inevitably, it will cause some scheduling conflicts with one or more guests. As a planner, your goal is to minimize any conflicting events. Try to speak with your guests individually to find a date that works for everyone. 

Are you looking for Winnipeg funeral homes? At Alterna Cremation, we offer simple and affordable direct cremations (with no hidden fees). We can help guide you through the process of planning a service to honour your loved one. To get in touch with our funeral director, contact us today.  


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