Female-Owned Cremation Company Establishing An Ever-Increasing Foothold Within The Industry

By: Alterna Cremation
Monday, June 20, 2022

WINNIPEG, Canada -  Alterna Cremation, a locally owned and operated alternative funeral home based in Winnipeg, Canada, is pleased to announce that its female-owned business continues to flourish in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Ashley and Sonia, the business’s team, are focused and determined to succeed, embracing any challenges they face as they grow the company. Even when Ashley had a baby in the middle of the pandemic, they continued to innovate and develop strategies that set them apart from the competition. Their customers continually praise them for their calm and people-centric approach in challenging and emotionally charged situations. When people are at their lowest, it is this empathy and compassion that they will always remember. 


"Working in this industry is, in my opinion, a unique job, more of a vocation, which is why it is essential that you employ the right staff members with compassion and understanding," said Ashley Newton, owner and founder of Alterna Cremation. As women, I believe that Sonia and myself bring a different slant to the industry, and this is something that our clients particularly appreciate. The business is continuing to grow, with much of our new business coming via recommendations, which we believe is a testament to the experiences our previous customers received from our staff. This is something that we are very proud of and which will always remain at the core of our business. We want to help people in their darkest hour, and although being presented with challenging and complex issues, we will continue to embrace every situation and do everything we can to help our clients in whatever way we possibly can." 


Alterna Cremation is a locally owned and operated alternative funeral home. Alterna Cremation stands out from the crowd due to being owned and operated by a woman in a traditionally male-orientated business. The company adds lots of small but innovative touches to try to ensure that the family members are supported during such a painful time. For more information about the company and the various services it provides, visit its website at https://alternacremation.ca.


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