Female-Owned Winnipeg Funeral Home Reflects On Five Years In Business As International Women’s Day Is Celebrated

By: Alterna Cremation
Friday, March 10, 2023

WINNIPEG, MB:  Alterna Cremation, an alternative funeral home focused on dignified and direct cremation services, is in its fifth year of business.  And, with International Women’s Day being celebrated this month, owner Ashley Newton feels it is a fitting moment to reflect on the unique and meaningful mark Alterna has made on the Winnipeg community at large.  


Founded in 2019, Alterna Cremation’s mission is to provide families and loved ones with a straightforward alternative to the often complex and costly realities of more traditional funeral services.  Unique in its approach and even more unique because it’s a female-owned business in the traditionally male-dominated funeral services industry, Alterna has quickly established a reputation for knowledgeable, compassionate service delivered with integrity and transparency.  Centred around direct cremation services, there are no hidden costs at Alterna.  Families can access additional products and services as desired, but these are never pushed or foregrounded.  


Newton and her associate, Sonia, are a two-woman team who handles every aspect of the business.  And they’re continually showered with gratitude and praise for their calm, level-headed, and compassionate approach to assisting families through challenging circumstances. Newton says, “As a team, we bring a uniquely feminine competency to our work and vision.  And I believe this is an important element of what really resonates with our clients.  We are committed to approaching each and every situation with compassion and professionalism and work seamlessly together to support those in need.”


International Women’s Day takes place every year on March 8 and celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the globe.  Reflecting on all that Alterna has achieved, Newton gets fired up as she recalls bringing her one-week-old daughter to work at the funeral home.  “Sonia helped with juggling her care while I met with grieving families.  If that’s not Women’s Day Material, I don’t know what is!”


For more information about Alterna Cremation and the services it provides, visit https://alternacremation.ca.

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