Joseph Sweet

Obituary of Joseph Thomas Sweet

After a courageous battle with COPD our Uncle Joe passed away in the tender hands of the staff at The Grace Hospital in Winnipeg, MB. He leaves to mourn his passing his beautiful daughter Tracy and her two sons; Randy's two daughters; his seven siblings; numerous nieces and nephews; and extended family and friends. Joe was the second child in a family of eight siblings, Bob, Ian (Pat), Elizabeth, Brian (Cindy), Tannys (Ted), Janet (Sam) and Barry. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Uncle Joe was born in Winnipeg, MB to his loving parents Joseph Thomas (Tom) Sweet and Jean Sweet (nee Bell). Joe was predeceased by both his parents Tom and Jean Sweet, as well as his son Randy. Joe left home when he was around 18 years old and was working at Eaton's downtown. He loved horses, and even lived on the Bar and K Ranch with his wife Beth at the time and their young son Randy. Joe worked on a turkey farm as well and always had fun stories of his time on the farms. Our Uncle Joe was an Urban Cowboy without a farm, he loved to wear blue jeans, boots and western style shirts along with his trademark belts with the large buckles. This is how we will picture him in our minds, as will many others. Joe worked at some popular warehouses throughout his career, these would include Westinghouse, Camco and finally Canada Bread where he retired in 2015. He would always be busy, constantly looking for something to do, he did not know the meaning of take it easy or slow down. Uncle Joe was a very active man! He loved to go for long walks and would drag his walking partners clear across what felt like the entire City, but for him, it was just a mere 3-hour walk. He loved to play Baseball on his team The Whips at Lipsett Hall on Kenaston Blvd. He was very well known for "recruiting" his co-workers, friends and numerous family members to play on his team. Many weeknights or entire weekends would be spent at the Lipsett fields either watching or playing ball, whether it rained or shined. He was a great pitcher and loved to laugh and enjoy the company of his fellow teammates and rival teams. Uncle Joe grew up in a "Bowling" family, everyone in the family had to know how to bowl as this was a family tradition for the Sweet's. Many years were spent inside the Billy Mosienko Lanes perfecting the art of bowling. Spending time on the lanes was a wright of passage almost in our family and everyone needed to experience this at least once in their lives. Joe went on to join an evening league at St James Lanes where once again he "recruited" co-workers, friends and family to be on his team. I remember when I played hearing people tease him about hiring wringers to ensure his odds of winning, it was a very enjoyable time of his life and he loved and participated in the game for as long as he could. Aside from watching the usual Hockey and Baseball games, which he watched avidly, was his beloved Football & Golf! Uncle Joe was an obsessed fan of Tom Brady and he cheered for the Patriots almost religiously, he supported each family member's right to cheer for any team of their choosing and would always have the latest stats for all of our teams as well as his own. This is how a lot of us kept up to date on the world of sports, he often spoke to numerous friends and family with regards to how their teams were doing every week. Uncle Joe loved to play rounds of Golf with whomever was willing to spend a day on the greens with him. He was always willing to walk the greens and enjoy a good laugh and what to him was a great companionable day. In his later years when he wasn't able to play any of his beloved sports or go for hour long walks, he enjoyed playing virtual Golf on his PlayStation with his brother Uncle Brian and his friend Jared along with some of his nephews and other friends. Uncle Joe & Uncle Brian had daily Golf games once Uncle Brian retired and they could finally get serious about it lol. I would often go to visit him and my mom (his sister Liz) and he would be either talking, laughing or yelling in his room with Uncle Brian over their headsets playing a very intense round of PlayStation Golf. For as long as I can remember my Uncle Joe lived with my mom Liz and my family. He was more than just our Uncle, he was an integral part of our lives, he was a father figure to myself (Nlki) and my siblings Sherry, Lisa, Billy, Tanny and Sam as well as all of our children. My Uncle Joe walked me down the aisle of my wedding and I remember how handsome he looked in his grey suit and cowboy boots. My Uncle Joe had a very special relationship with each of us and with all of our children as well. There were a few years that he lived with my son PJ and I but, he always returned to live with his sister Liz, they had a very special bond, as if they were drawn back into each other's lives. Uncle Joe and Liz lived for many years in a little house on Rutland St and they would have little pool parties on the weekends for my sister Tanny and her children Nicolas & Madison and the ever present at a party, his brother Uncle Brian. They even had a painting party and painted their house in Coca Cola colors as Uncle Joe was a huge fan of Coke and of course Betty Boop. He enjoyed collecting Coke and Betty Boop items over the years and I remember at one time he had decorated his bedroom with Coke Cans on his walls, to say he was slightly obsessed would be an understatement. My Uncle Joe lived an amazing life, he was an extraordinary man who meant everything to our family and to so many others too, I am sure. He will be missed by many and was loved by all who knew him. Gone from our arms and into the loving arms of his son and parents. Joe will be held forever in our Hearts! Till we meet again Uncle Joe, we Love you!
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